Build 137: PUBG & Siege Wizard

Patch notes

Added French translation. (Thanks Wosh.)
Added Russian translation. (Thanks Waldemar.)
Added a small amount of Traditional Chinese translation. (Thanks Vilyui.)
[Game] Improved jumping.
[360 Tracking] Fixed so the target have the same chance of going to the right side as left side. (Thanks Sasshiburi)
[Settings] Fixed so Invert X/Y actually inverted the right axes.
[Wizards] Added a PUBG Wizard.
[Wizards] Added a Rainbow 6 Siege Wizard.
[Settings] No longer play a sound when you open settings.
[Settings] Fixed bug where relative zoom sensistity got reset to 10 every time you opened settings.
[Settings] Improved scrolling on drop down.
[Settings] Fixed ui scroll bar position.

Build 135: Exclusive Fullscreen and better keybindings.

Patch notes

[Sphere Targets] Fixed default presets so it doesn’t spawn hundreds of spheres.
[Settings] Added option for different fullscreen options in game. (Removing the exclusive fullscreen launch option, since you can now set it in game.)
[Settings] Fixed bug where you couldn’t change keybindings.
[Settings] You can now bind two keys for each action.
[Settings] You can now bind mouse wheel up and down.

Build 134: Small fixes

Patch notes

Fixed a rare crash.
[Skeet Shooting] Fixed bug that made the game mode unplayable. (Thanks pleasewait)
[Skeet Shooting] Added default presets.
[Settings] Fixed so zoom FOV and zoom sensitivity allows values up to two decimals.
[Settings] Added option to disable score popup text. (Thanks Caipse)
[UI] Fixed layout bug where the text “Flicking” wasn’t centered. (Thanks Cilyuri)

Build 133: Workshop, Wizards, Presets + a lot more


Added workshop support. Currently it only support hit/shot sounds.
But in the future a lot more things will have workshop support.
You can upload to the workshop by downloading “Aimtastic Workshop Tools” under the tools menu on Steam.
I’m looking forward to seeing your content.


Added wizards. Wizards are an easy way to convert your settings from different games to Aimtastic.
All you need to do is enter the settings from the game you want to convert from, then it automatically set your FOV and sensitivity and other settings to the correct values.
Currently it only supports Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. But a lot more games are coming in future updates.


Added settings presets for room settings.
Now you can easily save them, so you don’t have to re-enter the settings every time you launch the game.


Big UI rework, that is gonna let me make bigger changes much faster.
I rewrote the whole UI, the old way didn’t let me make changes as fast as I wanted, and had some performance issues.


It now saves sensitivity as CSGO/Source/Quake sensitivity instead of Unity. It’s gonna automaticly convert your settings, so don’t worry about your settings being wrong.
This is more to make it easier for people to convert sensitivity, and make sensitivity bit a less confusing for people.
But what games really needs is a set standard on how mouse sensitivity work, so you don’t have to use third-party sites every time you want to transfer your sensitivity to another game.

Patch notes:

[Left To Right] Lowered the penalty for missing to 200, to keep it inline with Reflex.
[Skeet Shooting] Now shows pop-up scores.
[Assault Course] Fixed exploits. Also wiped the scores, since it was mainly full of exploiters.
[Game] Fixed bug where you couldn’t shoot if you aimed at the sky.
[Game] Fixed so the game doesn’t freak out if you tab out while loading the game.
[Graphics] Improved the floor texture.
[Player] The player has been on a diet. Lowered player collision radius to 0.4m.
[Player] Fixed bug where the player could fall through the floor when going up ramps.
[Audio] Fixed bug where having hit sound off also turned off shot sound. (Thanks Mac McLovin)
[UI] Added a main menu.
[UI] No longer render the crosshair if crosshair length is 0.
[UI] No longer render crosshair dot if size is 0.
[UI] Fixed bug where crosshair preview was visible even when you didn’t have settings open.
[UI] It now shows what room you are in when you have room settings open.
[UI] No longer show presets and room settings if the room have no room settings.
[UI] You now see all your friends high scores instead of just top 10.
[Settings] You can now toggle full screen.
[Settings] Added hitmarker options.
[Settings] Added support for loading a static image as a crosshair.
[Settings] Changed max allowed fps to 500.
[Settings] You now hear a preview of the selected hit/shot sound when you change it.
[Settings] Added brightness option.
[Settings] Added temperature option.
[Settings] Added tint option.
[Settings] Added hue shift option.
[Settings] Added saturation option.
[Settings] Added contrast option.

Known issues:

Can’t delete presets.
Need to restart game for new subscribed workshop items to load in.
Player sometimes get stuck on ramps.
Twitter feed is missing.
When opening settings, you hear the shot/hit sound.

Build 131

Patch notes

  • Improved performance.
  • [Graphics] Changed how the game look for a more cleaner style.
  • [Settings] Added PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS sensistity option.
  • [Settings] Fixed bug where if you escape when binding a key, it got unbounded instead of reverting back to it’s previous value.
  • [Settings] Relative zoom sensistiy now goes all the way down to 0.
  • [Settings] Ambient Occlusion is now off by default for new users.
  • [Settings] Fixed bug where preview crosshair setting was off by one when using the sliders.
  • [Leaderboard] You can now filter by friends or people close by.
  • [Leaderboard] It no longer adds you to the Steam leaderboard if your score is less or equal to 0.
  • Me spell good. Fixed spelling issues.

Build 130: Introducing Assault Course

Introducing Assault Course

Most of the gamemodes right now, focus on standing still and shooting a target that is in-front of you. But that dosn’t really simulate a real game.
That is what the new gamemode focus on, your goal is to get through the map as fast as possible while shooting all the targets. So a lot of running and shooting, and bigger flicks.
The current version of it is more of a test, it’s gonna get larger changes in the future, and the possible to make your own maps, with workshop support.

Patch notes
  • [Settings] Fixed bug where crosshair preview was wrong at the start.
  • [Reflex] Fixed bug where second target spawned to early.
  • [Leaderboard] Added hits,misses, and hitprocent to the Steam leaderboards.

Aimtastic Build 128

Introducing Skeet Shooting: Corridor

In this new room you are in straight corridor, and shooting targets when they popup around the corner.
This is just the first of many skeet shooting based rooms.
And yes I know this isn’t really skeet shooting.

Patch notes

  • Changed a bit how the map looks.
  • [UI] Added a horizontal fov slider.
  • [Bug Fix] Audio setting now actully works.
  • [Popup targets room] Close/mid/far hit stats, now shows correctly when playing the room more than once.
  • [Left to right room] Fixed it’s settings that broke the room completly.
  • Lowered fire rate in both tracking rooms. The points/second is still the same.
  • Keep ball in the air room, have been removed.