Build 137: PUBG & Siege Wizard

Patch notes

Added French translation. (Thanks Wosh.)
Added Russian translation. (Thanks Waldemar.)
Added a small amount of Traditional Chinese translation. (Thanks Vilyui.)
[Game] Improved jumping.
[360 Tracking] Fixed so the target have the same chance of going to the right side as left side. (Thanks Sasshiburi)
[Settings] Fixed so Invert X/Y actually inverted the right axes.
[Wizards] Added a PUBG Wizard.
[Wizards] Added a Rainbow 6 Siege Wizard.
[Settings] No longer play a sound when you open settings.
[Settings] Fixed bug where relative zoom sensistity got reset to 10 every time you opened settings.
[Settings] Improved scrolling on drop down.
[Settings] Fixed ui scroll bar position.