Build 131

Patch notes

  • Improved performance.
  • [Graphics] Changed how the game look for a more cleaner style.
  • [Settings] Added PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS sensistity option.
  • [Settings] Fixed bug where if you escape when binding a key, it got unbounded instead of reverting back to it’s previous value.
  • [Settings] Relative zoom sensistiy now goes all the way down to 0.
  • [Settings] Ambient Occlusion is now off by default for new users.
  • [Settings] Fixed bug where preview crosshair setting was off by one when using the sliders.
  • [Leaderboard] You can now filter by friends or people close by.
  • [Leaderboard] It no longer adds you to the Steam leaderboard if your score is less or equal to 0.
  • Me spell good. Fixed spelling issues.

Build 130: Introducing Assault Course

Introducing Assault Course

Most of the gamemodes right now, focus on standing still and shooting a target that is in-front of you. But that dosn’t really simulate a real game.
That is what the new gamemode focus on, your goal is to get through the map as fast as possible while shooting all the targets. So a lot of running and shooting, and bigger flicks.
The current version of it is more of a test, it’s gonna get larger changes in the future, and the possible to make your own maps, with workshop support.

Patch notes
  • [Settings] Fixed bug where crosshair preview was wrong at the start.
  • [Reflex] Fixed bug where second target spawned to early.
  • [Leaderboard] Added hits,misses, and hitprocent to the Steam leaderboards.